001. When ordering a layout, it really helps if you tell me what you want. If you're vague and say "whatever you like" or "I don't really care", it won't give me the right idea of how I should create the layout. What would be most helpful is if you told me which layout/design you like in my portfolio, and then I can base it off of that. Also, a color scheme works wonders.
002. I do not code layouts, mostly because I suck. You wouldn't want me to code it anyway. Sorry!
003. Provide me with at least 3 HQ photographs of your celebrity. You could provide me with a gallery link (with a specific event/shoot you'd like me to use) but I'd rather just have the pictures you like. After all, I want it to be personalized for what you want.
004. Give me some time for making a layout. I have a life, somewhat, outside of graphic designing; I will either be very fast (2-3 days) or very slow (Week-two weeks).
005. Going along with the rule above, do not bother me a thousand times about asking where your layout is. If it's on the pending orders section in the nav, it's coming!
006. If you've read these rules actually, please put the words "origin of symmetry" in the comments section.
007. You cannot alter the graphics I've made for you. If it's something small you'd like me to change, like a spelling error or something, I'll gladly do it.
008. You must credit Exogenesis at all times (I find it best in the navigation bar under site stats) with a link to the site.
009. Tell me if you want a navigation/welcome box on your layout or not. If you cannot imagemap, I wouldn't suggest putting navigation on the layout itself, unless you're willing to learn (cause it's actually not that hard). But yeah, let me know!
010. Finally! Please explain how you want the layout to look. I know I've stated this a couple of times, but I like to have an idea of what I'm making.


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What are you ordering?
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Would you like a navigation or welcome box (if ordering a layout)?
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